Saturday, 9 January 2010

Bead blog recap week 1

A new year, filled with new exciting things to write about. Here is the first weekly recap of Manekis Pärlblogg for 2010.

Most read 2009
A collection of the most read posts of 2009. The most popular post include macramé, beaded critters, kumihimo, stamping on metal, friendship bracelets, making your own jewellery clasps, oxidizing metal, textile techniques using wire, beading with knitting nancies and quick knit, knotting pearls, and making adjustable closures for bracelets and necklaces.

Colours of the year
More than one has proclaimed their colour of the year 2010. Pantone says Turquoise and Colour Futures Icy Blue. The theme is fresh, airy and hopeful colours, soothing and rejuvinating. A new year meaning new beginnings, new possibilities.

Vintaj monthly challenges
New themes for the months to come was presented on the Vintaj blog for their monthly design challenges (with a chance to win sampler packs).

Bead magazines
There are many bead and jewellery-making magazines out there. And also other craft and artisan mags of interest for beaders and jewellery-makers.

Defeat your newbie worries
Being new means having much to learn and not a lot of experience, but it is no need to feel inferior. A few tips on how to appreciate being a newbie and not giving up just because you think your work is not up to par. Dare to fail, don't be too self-critical, don't listen to those jealous of your new passion, use the right supplies and tools, accept that you as a beginner can't make the same things as an experienced beader, get real constructive critisism and save your early works so you can compare them later on with your new creations (thus better seeing how much you have evolved).

Clasp for small rivolis
What to do with those 12 mm rivolis that are a bit too small to make beaded bezels for? There are many fabricated findings for rivolis to buy, mostly pendants and connectors. U Bead It Sacramento sells filigree box clasps for these pretty stones.

Responsible disposal
How do you dispose of your chemicals and metal scraps? Even "safe" solutions can contain hazardous particles and need to be disposed of appropriatly. And metal scraps can be recycled, either by yourself or by selling it on.

Casting resin i frames

How do you go about casting resin into findings and bezels without backs? Learn how to make the popular "hollow form" resin bezels as well as making resin plique à jour.

Making wire loops 101
Your guide to making loops in wire, from p-loops and simple loops to double and wrapped loops. Includes suggestions on when to use what loop and how to make loops with concistent sizes.

There are many elephant-related beads and findings to be found in the bead shops, in Sweden and abroad.

Briolette wraps
How to make different types of briolette wraps. These wraps are made for briolettes, drops, and other beads with vertical top-drilled holes. From a simple use of headpins to the popular "messy" wraps.

International mixed-media pendant swap
Mixed-media magazine Paper Cloth Scissors is arranging an international swap. Make a mixed-media pendant and join the fun. Entry fee and pendant must be in their office by April 5.

Vinegar patinas
Vinegar can be used in different ways to create surface effects on a number of metals. Antique brass, give copper or bronze a verdigris patina, or rust steel.

Satin is the name of a beautiful effect on Swarovski crystal (see photo above) as well as the name of a lovely type of glass.

Beadpunk is Diane Hyde's take on steampunk jewellery. Take the gears, watchparts, and other metal of the gritty steampunk and blend with bead stitching, embroidery and other basic bead techniques for a more colourful and feminine style. Where will you take this style, asks Diane -- and where will it take you?

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