Sunday, 17 January 2010

Bead blog recap week 2

This week had partially a focus on glass/crystal, books and metal.

Peacock rivoli coating
Peacock is an unusual spotted custom coating you can now find on Swarovski rivolis. The coating is yellow with multicoloured spots.

Buying lovely brass
If you share my love of brass -- natural, antiqued, painted, or polished -- you might like these shops.

Japanese bead books
Why buy books written in a language you don't speak? Because they have very good illustrations and lovely patterns, both jewellery and non-jewellery (not least super cute beaded animals and pastries).

Swedish bead shop jewellery contest
Swedish bead shop is hosting a jewellery contest. The theme is Nature.

Padparadscha is a lovely colour found in Crystallized - Swarovski Elements. Not only is it a beautiful and juicy "pink grape" hue that makes everyone happy, it also go very well to most colours of metal.

Make beads of glass bottles
Why not take that old bottle you didn't want to throw out because of the lovely colour and make lampwork beads of it?

New books and mags
A handful of tips on new beading or jewellery-making books and magazines (special publications) to be released in the months to come.

Beginning to bead
Tips on where and how to begin beading and/or making jewellery, from bead books and online instructions to shops and forums. Note: some parts mostly of interest for the Swedish-speaking newbie.

Daisy chain
Daisy chain is a sweet technique that can be used in many ways and be everything from "daisies on a string" to wide weaves. There are also several ways of stitching the flowers.

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