Saturday, 2 January 2010

Egyptian Revival my way

I will keep posting pics of jewellery I've made during the last year. This set was a little something I made for a forum contest at Smyckestillverkning iFokus, on the time Antiken (the Ancient times). Didn't win, but didn't finish last either. Photos of the winner and runner-up can be found here and all the entries a posted in this thread.

The set is called Sol och måne över Nilen, Sun and Moon over the river Nile. It is not directly inspired my antique jewellery, but rather has more in common with the egyptian revival trend of the early 20th century. The set is made using brass and czech glass in a variegated turquoise.

I chose Egypt as they were known for loving jewellery in those days -- and they had a cat goddess. Most famous for the wide beaded collars, but rich and poor alike also used many other types of jewellery: necklaces, rings, amulets, bracelets, cuffs, ankle bracelets, tiaras/hair ornaments and earrings.

First I made the earrings with lotus motifs in both the chandeliers and beads. The lotus is a flower filled with symbolics for the Egyptians and often portraited in egyptian art and mythology. What make it stand out from other flowers is the fact that it was seen as as symbol of both the sun and the moon.

Egyptians did use glass beads, but not this kind of czech pressed-glass, but the unusual style of ear cuffs actually has its origin in the Antique Macedonia -- mixing cultures here. Very discrete and comfortable even it it doesn't look that way on photo.

I also choose to add a brooch, a modern interpretation of the amulets worn in those days. A beautiful, large scarab with a glossy MOP pendant, which is meant to symbolize the rising sun that the scarab lifts in a well-known pose. I glued it to the back of the brass stamping and added a brooch pin. The hind legs of the beetle was bent towards each other until they met. This gave me a way of adding a lotus bead dangle. The brooch can also be used as a focal in a necklace.

Last but not least, I didn't want to abandon the second scarab I bought for the contest. I made a failed attempt at a bead necklace and realised I'd probably be nice to use just as a simple pendant, suspended on a thin brass chain. That way it would fit the rest of the set better.

PS! I have collected links to instructions on this and other types of ear cuffs here.

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