Thursday, 28 January 2010

Too much snow for Randi

Yesterday we had really bad weather. It snowed from the morning to the evening, but the worst part was the winds. But today the weather was beautiful, the wind having swept all clouds and fog away. Right now the snow depth is everywhere between knee high and barely 1 cm.

The cats are not too happy. Just look at Randi (randig = striped) -- yesterday he totally refused to step outside. Not surprisingly: after all, in the evening the snow was so deep he'd disappear in it... Today he went out and ran back in some time later. Here he's sitting in the window on the upper floor, not understanding why I'm outdoors in the "white rain".

Below a pic showing how the wind have made patterns in the snow. Suddenly I begin to think about blue banded agates. Not my favourite stone, but it is a perfect way to describe the wavy patterns and blue shadows.

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