Saturday, 9 January 2010

Yes, even more snow pics!

I'm once more going to bore you with photos taken yesterday. I never seem to get tired of photographing the snowy landscapes. A sunny cold day meant glittering snow -- and more importantly dry snow that doesn't cling to you and make you wet and cold after five minutes outside.

Below you see the church in Hov and a few of the houses surrounding the "church village".

The countryside is not just an idyl for tourists, it is -- and must it always be! -- a modern place and source of income for many. Unlike tourists and romantical environmentalists, I don't mind the big "windmills".

Sometimes, with all the snow, it doesn't feel like Skåne at all. The photo below reminds me of forests far up in the North...



On good thing with snow is that you can spot animal activity in another way. The only animals I saw were birds, but I spotted lots of footprints in the snow: hares, cats, roe deers, badgers. Below is a photo of the badgers' domain. Under the snow are several badger holes, entrances to their sett, so it's best not to go too close. Not that I'm that afraid of them -- I just don't want to break a leg, stumbling into one of those holes...


The further to the more secluded forest areas I came, the more common this sight became: roe deers flocking to dig for grass under the thick blanket of snow.

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