Sunday, 24 January 2010

Online games as inspiration

I like playing free online games, preferably games that don't take too much time to play through. But especially after working with new colour combinations, it can have certain side effects: I keep looking at the colours, patterns, textures and styles, thinking how they could be used in jewellery. Or something reminds me of a bead etc.

Little Wheel is a very good example. The game has a limited palette: the background is in slightly glowing sepia tones that turns darker and duller in the edges, like a watercolour wash. The actual motifs are all black silhuettes, only accented with white spots, symbolizing light. Other inspiring features are the focus on metal and electricity and the art deco-ish architecture.

And for more dreamy monochrome backgrounds, see The Perilous Voyage (In general, you'll find dreamy background music and designs in the games at Orisinal) . When I played that game, I ended up looking more at the background than focusing on the game...

And that's just two examples. It isn't surprising that one might find inspiration in games as design is a very important aspect to attract players. Only downside is, being a beadaholic it can detract attention from the actual gaming -- like when I keep thinking the black balls in Luxor remind me of lava beads and maybe I should make a necklace using lava beads, haven't used it much. But what to mix it with and do I have enough beads at home? I wouldn't mix it with those yellow beads -- eh, balls -- like that. No something else... Perhaps- oops... Game Over!

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