Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Flower ring tutorial

*Instruktioner på svenska finns HÄR.*

And here are more flowers in the middle of winter. This is another quick and easy project, using a versatile and useful technique: the lark's head knot. I use acrylic/lucite flowers, but you can also use other centre-drilled beads and pendants.

Supplies for one ring:

1 large o-ring, ID equivalent to your ring size (or a tad larger)
1 centre-drilled acrylic flower with flat back
approx. 15-20 cm waxed linen cord

Tools: scissors

Techniques: lark's head knot, square or surgeon's knot

1. Fold the cord in half and attach it to the ring using a lark's head knot (se photo or instructions here). Pull the cord so the knot is tightened. Adjust it so it points straight out from the ring or the flower will sit at an angle.

2. String the flower onto both cord ends.

3. Knot using a basic overhand knot and pull the knot tight so it sits close to the bead hole. Use a bit of force if necessary. Knot a second overhand knot so a square knot is formed. Or, for a stronger knot, make a surgeon's knot instead.

5. Cut off excess cord as close to the knot as possible without damaging it or making it unravel. Also avoid cutting into the flower (as I did...). You can add a drop of clear glue, nail polish or similar to secure the knot.

Your ring is now finished.

Variation: Black flowers
The black ring is made in the same way as the rose ring -- with a few variations. First, I have added multiple flowers, each of them attached using a lark's head knot as above.

Second, I have stringed a 4 mm bead on the cord in the middle flower. This is a way to cover the larger hole this flower had and also keep the cords from sliding back through the hole. The bead was added to on of the cords before the two ends were knotted together. After making the first overhand knot, pull the cords so the knot more or less slide under/next to the bead. Finish the knot.

Instead of a bead you could also use a bead cap or second bead with smaller hole and string it onto the cords before knotting.

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  1. Hi! Great tute! I will be linking at http://www.handmade-jewelry-club.com/ in future post.



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