Monday, 4 January 2010

Not just jewellery -- napkin rings

Even if jewellery is what I enjoy making the most, I do make other types beadwork too. In this case a couple of napkin rings. The theme is spring, wood anemones, and bridal colours.

These were pretty easy to make. The base is half a dozen golden "lattice" napkin rings I got cheap from a second hand store. Onto those, I stitched a lovely green leaf ribbon. First one row going in one direction, then a second row going in the other directions. Repeat so that the ring is covered in four layers of ribbon. Putting the ribbon in different ways like that made the leaf more lively, not all of them pointing the same way. Also, I "interlocked" and pieced the leaves together making it a bit more dimensional.

After that I embroidered buds (Miyuki drops) and flowers (MOP chips with 15/o seed beads as "stamens") to the bead of leaves using stop stitches.

On the photo you see one napkin ring, photographed from two different angles.

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