Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Dover Sampler -- free images every Friday

I subscribe to The Dover Sampler, a weekly newsletter from Dover Publications that give you free samples from their books to download. These samples include royalty-free clipart, copyright- or permission-free illustrations etc as well as excerpts from novels, CD-ROMs, non-fiction, stickers, paper dolls, children's colouring books and activity packs and much more.

Dover publish many different types of books, but for a jewellery-maker and crafter they are especially a great source of images, free to use for crafters and artisans. Some books even include a CD with images ready to be printed out on paper, transfer papers, decals, shrink plastic or what ever you are using in your crafts.

If you are interested in these subjects, perhaps using images in jewellery-making or other crafts, I'd love to recommend the sampler for you.

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