Saturday, 23 January 2010

Burgundy: a favourite colour in crystal pearls

I've already said I love purple beads and these are no exception. I first got my hands on some lovely burgundy Swarovski crystal pearls in a "challenge lottery" (like a bead swap, but you don't know who will get your beads) in the summer 2009. I received a lovely mix of green stone beads, palace green opal crystal beads (more Swarovski), olivine vitrail czech glass flower beads, apricot-pink FW pearls, tiny emerald green cubes, and 8 mm burgundy crystal pearls. My old photo below doesn't really make the mix justice, but I hope some of the beauty shines through the lens. Note how the pearls take up nuances from the vitrail coating in the flowers.

Wonder what I made with them? Some of it was used for the necklaces below. The wire in the second necklace is blackened iron wire. The headpins in the first are patinated copper.

PS! If you want to see what the other participants got in the challenge lottery, check out this forum thread (it continues here).

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