Tuesday, 5 January 2010

More snow -- again

December brought more snow than usual in these parts and it seems like January will be the same way. It snowed during night and then all through the afternoon now that the temperature has jumped from -8,7 to -0,6.

Of cause this meant I had to take the camera and go out for a walk. Again. I haven't done a lot of outdoor photography lately, but now I've gotten the energy and inspiration to return to my beloved landscape photography. Mostly I just take photos around the house so the views are the same, weather, seasons and time are the only things changing.

The last two photos were taken late, near sunset, with light fading fast, something my camera did not like. In the last photo you can se a birch tree that have bent just a bit too far. It's still several meters high, like a great arch in the middle of the forest.

Don't forget to click the photos for a full-size view.

I also spotted a blackbird, sitting in an apple tree. Hiding under a roof, I could get within a metre of the tree and he didn't mind. Looked at me, flew away at first, but came back. The apple was more important the the possible threat of a human. Unfortunately, I got too excited being this close to the bird and couldn't get my autofocus to work. The only sharp image of him is this one, where he turns his head away....

In 1962 the common blackbird was voted the national bird of Sweden by the readers of the newspaper DN. Their is nothing lovelier that hearing the males sing in the summer evenings.

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