Saturday, 23 January 2010

Bead blog recap week 3

Time flies -- this is the third recap this year already! From millefiori beads to peyote triangles.

Peyote triangles
How to make filled and hollow triangles using peyote. Plus ideas for assembling them, in two or three dimensional works.

Shopping from abroad
Things to think about when you want to shop from bead shops outside Sweden. How to pay, customs and VAT, shopping from the EU, gifts, complaining, trustworthy shops and shopping while travelling are things I address.

Spiral rope
Spiral rope is an easy, fun and versatile stitched technique. Links to basic instructions as well as to projects and variations.

Albion stitch
Albion stitch is a technique developed by British beader Heather Kingsley-Heath. She describes it as easy to learn, but complex enough to excite the more experienced beaders as well. Books and patterns are available at her website.

Shopping for beads
Do you too love frogs? Here are a few tips on where you can buy beads and findings with frogs.

Why does the city of Tucson keep appearing when reading American bead mags, forums etc? Not easy to know if you are new to beads and stones. Read more about the bead, gem and lapidary shows taking place in Tucson every winter.

Millefiori beads
Mille fiori means thousand flowers in Italian. There are different types of millefiori beads made, the main types being beads made of murrini rods melted together and beads decorated with thin slices of murrini flowers. Includes a description of how those flower rods are made and the history of murrini and millefiori glass.

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