Friday, 29 January 2010

Natural MOP goes with...

As a newbie I once bought some round naturally beige mother-of-pearl beads. Something I shouldn't have because I soon realised I didn't have anything to go with them. Nothing seemed to match both the colour and shine. They ended up on the bottom of a bead box. Soon I got the same problem with tiger eye beads. I've never bought much tiger eye, except some dark red beads, since.

This winter I got some tiger eye chips in my advent calendar and this time I think I have found a match. Both for the chips I just got and those MOP beads that have just been laying around for ever. Mix two "problem beads" and problem solved. Now I just have to figure out what other colours -- if any -- I want to add. Must say the beads look better together IRL than on photo. Think I got the stone beads a tad too dark.

I actually did buy some more natural MOP. A pair of dragon pendants, half-drilled. I can't resist dragons, even if they're in a colour or material I've had problems using before! Maybe I'll use this cute fellow with my new bead mix, but I'm not sure yet. He seems to like the beads, though.

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