Monday, 11 January 2010

My workspace -- a humble creative chaos

Inspired by Jewelry and Beading and the question of what's on my worktable, I took a few snapshots of my worktables. Yes, I have two: one is half a diningroom table and one is half of a more proper worktable. I share the "bead room" with my younger sis, hence the half tables.

I also took a few photos after we just put all the furniture in. This was originally dad's workshop, very dark and cluttered, which he re-made as he made a new room for him in the stables. We no longer have much hens so he found a new way to utilise the space, getting himself a bigger and better place to work. The bead room, as I call it, was originally planned as a storage for hobby mags, dads work clothes etc, but me and my sis occupied it with our things instead. Pity I never took any pics of what it looked like before dad made our new room so you could see the change...

Anyway, this is what it looked like when we first moved our things there:

And this is what i looks like now, in my workspaces (the necklaces in front of chair in the second pic aren't mine, they're my sister's, my stuff is in the shelves to the left):

I should perhaps also add that I do a lot of beading in my bedroom so even there you'll find shelves packed with beads and findings.

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