Monday, 18 January 2010

October rainbow

These are a few pictures I took of a rainbow one October afternoon. The raining had stopped and looking out the window -- I was on the computer at the time -- I saw this intense, almost neon bright, rainbow. I quickly ran and fetched by camera to get a couple of shots before the rainbow disappeared.

When I got out I soon realised that the rainbow seemed to point directly at the neighbour's farm, something I hadn't seen before. The place is so close to were I stood and the rainbow is mostly much further away, ending at the horizon. Of cause this was a great effect in the photos.

What I didn't see, until I uploaded the pics was that it was really a double rainbow. Look closely at the photo above and you'll see it, faintly, to the left of the bright rainbow. Also, I didn't discover that I forgot to reset the white balance: the warm hues are mostly natural, but enhanced by the white balance setting adjusted for a different light. I do like the result though, so it was a good mistake.

Of cause, I also had to play a bit with the photos -- artistic photo editing can be so much fun, even for an amateur like me.

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