Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wild strawberries

Some of you might be pretty tired of winter and snow right now so here's another daydream back to summer.

I made this in 2007 or 2008 I think. It was in a word challenge I got the word smultron, wild strawberries. As a pure co-incidence, I had bought red "ice pearls" months earlier as I thought they looked like strawberries. I bought them eventhough I normally don't like this type of beads. Then I got the challenge. Perfect!

I thought long and hard of different ways of making a beaded straw. Knotting, bead-weaving, weaving etc. My idea was to make it into a bracelet or necklace. But then I had a new thought: why complicate things? When I've got so much of the real thing just outside the door? Nothing but grass everywhere. So I went out, grabbed a handful of timothy-grass. The beads had just the right size holes to fit onto the straws.

The result was a simple objet d'art that I placed in the book shelf as a reminder of summer.

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