Tuesday, 5 January 2010

January 2007

While I often complain about the last winters not being white enough, we still have had at least one snow day. But normally not in December. One year we went from near summer temperatures in April -- only to have a snow storm a few weeks later.

These are two of my favourite photos, taken in late January 2007. There was so much snow in the air I could hardly take any photos at all, with the wind blowing straight at me, hence why I'm so proud of the pics. Note that the snow isn't falling, it's just the wind sweeping the snow from one place to the next, stirring it into the air. This is exactly why snow can be such a problem in Skåne: in plain areas -- and Skåne have several big plains -- the wind is the real culprit. Sometimes you can't even see the road five minutes after the plow has passed by.

(I have already shown a couple of photos like these in More snow.)

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