Friday, 1 January 2010

Spring flower earwires tutorial

*Instruktioner på svenska hittar du HÄR.*

This is just a little something I made for fun one day. I like using pre-made ribbon flowers in jewellery sometimes -- will show some photos of it later -- and this is one of the smallest projects I've made with satin roses. Very quick and easy to make as well.

I know it is still winter, but it might be nice to already dream about those lovely months when it's cold and dark outside.

Supplies of one pair of earrings:
1 pair of earwires, preferrably with bead and coil
2 small satin roses

Tools: none, tweezers (optional)

Making these earwires is very easy. The best earwires to use it the type with a bead attached near the loop (se photo above) as it will keep the flower from gliding over the loop. Also make sure to use roses with the leaves stitched to the flower in such a manner that there is a "channel" in the middle between the two parts. This is usually the case with this particular type of fabric flowers, but other types might have the leaf ribbon attached with glue or heat so that you can't push the earwire in between the leaf and flower.

As you can see, the leaf is stitched to the flower on two sides of it. Carefully slide the earwire in between the two points, where there is an opening between leaf and flower. If the wire gets stuck or snags on the ribbons, try to coax it through or pull it out and make a new try. Do not push the wire through the rose using brute force as it will distort the flower.

When the wire has worked its way through the flower, push the rose forward over the bend. When it reaches the coil, the tricky part begins. It will be a bit difficult to coax the rose of the coil. To do this, pull the middle of the leaf ribbon using your fingers or a pair of tweezers. Do not pull too hard or the flower will be ruined. If it flat out refuses to slide over the coil, switch to another flower with a wider channel. If that doesn't work, you might want to remove the coil.

Repeat the above steps with your second earwire and rose.

The roses are now in place, but they will want to spin around the wire so you will want to fix it by adding a drop of glue between the coil and wire or rose and wire. Let the glue cure undisturbed.

You will now have a pair of summery earwires ready to be made into earrings. The rose earwires can be used for a multitude of different styles. Below is a few examples of easy-to-make earrings, using the flower earwires.

PS! Not everyone likes satin roses or any other fabric flowers in jewellery. You can add other things that ribbon roses to the earwires if you prefer, just play around with different supplies until you find something that works.

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